When Becky was 9 years old, her big brother brought home a pair of drum sticks from school in Marietta, Georgia.  She took those sticks from his room and began banging on the furniture.  He later said, “Keep them, they’re yours.” And that was the start of it.  Soon after, Mom bought the toy snare, then the Jr. Drum kit.

After relocating to Nashville, Tennessee in sixth grade, she joined-up with the school band.  The 1st day at the chair challenge she tied for first chair.  All jealousy broke loose as the last chair boy began to heckle.  Becky beat him up.

Becky was very fond of the Junior High Band situation.  Many of the kid’s parent’s there were musicians too.  Her Step Father, Kenneth Hunt, was a song writer in Nashville.  And, today, her younger step sister Amanda Hunt-Taylor is a song writer also.

Soon it was time to move again.  This time to Dallas, Dallas, Georgia.  A new town and a new school, but by this time she was diversified performing in the marching band, the concert band and for school dances, and a jazz band. She was also in the "Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps". In the middle of her sophomore year, she moved to Coronado.  It was like going from the sticks to paradise.  She played in the concert band in Coronado one-day then decided to keep her drumming at home.

Becky, a CHS grad, jumped back into the music scene.  This time a band, performed local casuals.  Years later joined bands to perform in San Diego night clubs.  Bands like 'Bonneville 7’ a psycho-billy band with two billy brats Pip Hancock and Johnny Bowler from well-known UK group called 'Guana Bats'.  So, it was 'Bonneville 7' except for the moments when guitar player, Stewart, was visiting.  Then it was 'Guana Batz' in San Diego at venues such as the Casbah. Then a small tour up the coast with 'Guana Batz'

Becky has entertained crowds in San Diego’s Gas Lamp, and all over San Diego County with 'Big Rig Deluxe' for years.  Later, joined  'Hoosier Daddy', playing private parties having a whole lot of fun. Often, Becky would set with 'Robin Hinkle Band' performing all over so Cal.  Robin’s shows use a variety of musical talent, always changing. Becky was also in the band's 'Stilettos', ‘JumpStart’, ‘Shoutgun House’, 'Stoney B Blues Band', ‘Lance Dieckmann Band’, 'Chill Boy', 'Flipside Burners'. Subbed for bands like, ‘ Joe Wood ( from T.S.O.L.) & the Lonely Ones’, ‘Rip Carson’, 'Cash Kings', 'Big Daddy & the Money Shakers', 'Blues Brokers' and many others. Currently she plays weekly with 'Bonneville 7' and ‘Rip Carson & the Carinogenics’. She restarted ‘Bonneville 7’ in 2018.

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Photo by Jenny Russell

Top, Right, 6 Grade Band, Hermitage Elementary in Hermitage, TN

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Photo by Sam Russell III

Photo by Sam Russell III

Hillbilly Beck playing on the front porch in Georgia. Photo by Jenny Russell